Friday, December 10, 2010


Dawn S came to pick me up and we had a pleasant journey over good roads to Wadena. At the library I told 4 stories to 80 6th graders! It was a full house. Afterwards we went to Baxter where a nice room was reserved for me at Hawthorne Inn and Suites. We talked about meeting for supper. But I took a hot bath, called and said I would go to bed early and meet her at 9:30 AM in the lobby.
I dreamed of falling trees. I held the hand of a child in mine and picked our way safely through the trees. When I looked at the child I saw Brandon smiling up at me. I went on avoiding the trees falling around us. When I looked at the child again... it was Cedar. She looked up at me with worried eyes. When I felt sharp sticks strike my face and arms I woke up in a strange room and heard someone running down the hall with heavy feet.

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  1. What a great idea! If ever I get started, that's the thing to do! Save a page. I love having bright friends!