Wednesday, December 15, 2010


While going through photos I am setting aside those of my pet friends so Cedar can see how real they are. Now they are but names and stories without breath or bone.
In spite of serious temperature dip the goldfinches are still coming to the feeder. I think they should go south as they are too aggressive for the chickadees. How can the cheerful friendly little ones survive such fierce competition?
I went out early to meet the bus so I could take a ten minute walk. I tried to step in nonslip spots but impossible to avoid ice completely. When I got to the bus stop I was so tense my whole body was a clenched fist. But as I stood in the sun I was soon so warm I pulled off my scarf and removed my old tattered mittens.
Brandon said these were "the mittens you love". He'd noticed that I'd patched them with red felt hearts. I'd embroidered a smile on one of the hearts and he noticed that, too. Not much escaped his quick bright eyes.
I have so many photos of him and twice he has looked up out of an image and brought tears to my eyes.