Friday, December 3, 2010


Cedar asked for the broom maker story but we only got to the point where the three thieves follow him and his little girl up the mountain.
I have been awake too long and at 1:30 PM I am already tired. I was unable to sleep due to painful ankle. The goldfinches were sending me pinched and crabby thoughts because there was no food for them on yesterday. This pettiness has settled in my foot. I must accept full responsibility for my pain because I failed to measure out their little seeds and feed them for a day.
Before I go to meet the bus I'm drinking a mug of green tea. We have had a conversation. "I am aware that green tea is a healthy beverage," I said into the mug. "I am sending your health benefits into all my cells. Please pay close attention when you arrive at my right eye. For you see it is quite challenged. You will find macular degeneration and a lemonade cataract. Do your duty." The tea was brief, "I always do."
Getting ready for our pie party tomorrow. I have an apple pie in the oven and a sweet potato pie ready to enter the heated chamber. Pearl is preparing a pecan pie and Gloria a pumpkin. I hope four pies will be enough for all of us.


  1. And they're all my favorites. Only left out mince meat.

  2. Someone at the pie party asked why we had no mince meat.