Thursday, December 9, 2010


In the quiet morning I read a bit of Wendell Berry and he wrote that God is showing us mercy when he does not allow us to see into the future. On my long drive to Walker I was on icy #8, then on a very snowy #200. Visibility was poor at times and the road had disappeared under the snow. I thought, "If I had seen this road in my future today I would have stayed home." At the library I waited. It stopped snowing and 60 third graders entered all rosy cheeked and bright eyed. I had a wonderful time telling stories to so many good listeners. As they left several came to thank me. How gracious of them.
Now I am quite exhausted. I feel like I pushed an elephant all around Leech Lake. Yes, I returned on #371, got on #2 and found myself circling Leech Lake on a stormy day.