Sunday, December 5, 2010


Pearl has loaned me a small artificial table top tree. I put it in the front window and how delightfully it reflects its bright beauty against the dark glass at night. The light is produced by bundles of plastic needles.
Today I began work on re-editing "Uncombed Hair", a collection of poems formerly published by Loonfeather Press. I'm going to reissue it as a kindle book. I find myself making small changes. I also find new ways to understand those early works.
Gloria and I put up lights in the 2nd floor hall window. We also put lights in the community room window and hung a wreath.
May S, "Everyone at a certain point in the pre-Christmas shuffle must long to push it all aside and think quietly about friends and loves and ways toward renewal..."
At Stillmeadow Gladys T wrote, "The air is so full of birds one could think them larger snow flakes."
The pigeons swoop in like kamikaze pilots. There are at least 20 of them now. They are quite lovely with their various colors shining iridescent as they strut across the snow.

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