Saturday, December 4, 2010


I had made a beautiful apple pie. Gorgeous! I considered taking a photo. Too vain, I thought as I slipped it into the refrigerator. To make room for the second pie, the less attractive sweet potato pie, I moved a jar of orange marmalade. It slipped from my hand and PLOP it fell, crushing the most perfect apple pie I had ever made.
Did I scream? No. Did I curse? No. I wept for 3.5 minutes. I really have no time for regrets. I wasn't going to tell... but at 4 PM I must present it to those who come to our pie party in the community room and someone will certainly ask, what happened to the pie.
Cedar and I have heard from the Elephant Sanctuary. Jenny, our favorite, died in 2006. Lottie died recently but Shirley is doing well.
The pie partY was a great success. We had several guests from outside the building. I had three guests and Dorothy had two. We ate only half the pies and no one asked for seconds. We sat around talking for almost three hours! It is strange that we don't socialize more because we really seem to enjoy gatherings. Good pie, good friends, good night.


  1. The cookie exchange is cancelled as Pearl is ill and Evie's hands are bothering her. I don't mind as I am very busy already.