Monday, December 6, 2010


I dreamed a woman... not young... not old... I suppose she was an eternal creature. She walked in silence and came to look at me on the bed. She smiled, held out her arms and embraced me. She looked at me for a long time then leaned down and kissed me. I felt her hair fall across my face. She paused at the door, looked back and smiled in her wonderful way. I think that smile is part of my forever. I have been wondering about her all day.
I'm still working on "Uncombed Hair" and thinking about that early visitor. I think she was some part of me that decided to leave. I think today I am not quite the person I was yesterday. At first I considered if that was good or bad. Now it doesn't matter. It is what it is.
Today I had so much on my plate that I forgot to get Cedar off the bus. When I got home there was a note from the police stuck in my door. "I have Cedar," was all it said. Annie called to tell me the grim details of the fate of the forgotten child. I am forgiven by one and all (but I have not polled the PD).


  1. yikes! Now Cedar has something to write about.

  2. She said she was not afraid for herself but for me. She thought the police would arrest me if they had found me home. Later she said it was a school police and they do not arrest grandmothers.