Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I was at Longville library today (the smallest town in the state with a library). I had another nice crowd. Cameo gave me a beaded buffalo pin. She'd brought her son Joseph, a charming lad who said he would try to tell one of the stories to his father. I keep asking myself, "Which one?"
Cedar came for supper and fell asleep on the love seat. Annie took Geezis to IHS teen clinic in Cass Lake. She has breathing difficulties and painful knees. As predicted, nothing was done but she received a prescription for pain medication which can be purchased at Target without a clinic visit.
Gloria, Randy, Ed and I are still decorating our corridor. Annie came up to get Cedar and said our hall looks better than first floor. "What have they done down there?" I asked. "Nothing," she replied.
While at the Longville library an elder man asked if my books were there. They had one but it was out. The librarian offered to put him on a wait list. He agreed. The librarian soon discovered the man had no card. So she signed him up, issued a card and he would get the book ASAP. What a wonderful moment! A library patron had been created by his desire to read MY book! Wow!


  1. That's a honor. He'll be back for more books by more authors.

  2. The following day I met his daughter and she said the first thing he did was take the card from his pocket and show it to her. Isn't that a precious scene to imagine?