Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last night the moon came in for a nice long visit. It was wonderful to sit in the comfort of her soft glow. I made a nice fire this morning and left 10-10 to enjoy it for me. Wallis and I went to Grand Rapids on important errands and we also stopped at 3 second hand stores. I got some books for Cedar and me. Wallis got baskets and stuffed toys for her grands. I also found an Eiffel Tower stick pin that went right to my red beret.
I'm working in the garden again and Cedar is my loyal little helper. Then we took a break and snacked on cranberry juice and cheese crackers. After that we went and got Wallis and we all ate at the Community Cafe. Now Cedar and 10-10 are asleep on the sofa. I am listening to the soundtrack "Out of Africa". Tomorrow I must get some curtains up.

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