Monday, March 8, 2010


Mar 7, 2010. We had a delightful lunch outside and then went to the rose city of Toulouse, so named for the red bricks used in the architecture. We took the metro to avoid parking and congestion. We walked the old cobbled streets and visited several churches. At one point we met a street musician from Bulgaria who played a 13 string instrument with a bow. He let me draw the bow across the strings and I was surprised at how well I played. When we passed that way again he was still playing so I did a quick step folk dance but he played faster and faster until I gave up. In a small nave in one of the churches we were quite alone so I sang and the sound was so terrific that a man passing by stepped in to see the singing angels. We also met a group of people demonstrating peace by giving hugs on the street. I got three very fine free hugs for peace.
While we sat in the third floor window of McDonald's overlooking the Place de Capitole we saw Beauty and the Beast stroll by! Then we visited an art exhibit featuring Spanish artists in exile. I favored a bronze of four nude women turning into trees. In the PM we had a very fine supper and went to hear a concert of Greek musicians and singers in Lavalette. Fred the owner put on a Salish recording and asked if I could dance to it. I did my best and invited others to join me in a friendship circle. The floor was soon so crowded we could barely move. It was wonderful. We went home under an inky black sky filled with trembling stars above and village lights on the dark hills blinking around us.
3-8-10. I have begun another day at 8:30. Laura is sleeping so I quietly went down to sit by the big fireplace. Two logs are burning but the heat is enough and feels so good... like grandmothers embrace. The day promises to be bright and joyful with friends. Last night there was a thin yellow dog at the pub. Laura tried to give Fred and Silvia money to help feed the dog as they had assumed responsibility for him. But the pair would take nothing and said they were taking the dog to the vet to ascertain if he had an identification chip. If not he would be officially adopted and no longer homeless stray. Everyone needs friends says the happy yellow Dog. Laura and I were relieved as we both wondered what would happen to Dog.
Today Laura and I went to open air market at Verfeil where we found friends and food, took many photos and attended the Catholic service to hear the singing. Guests had already arrived when we got home so we did not change for the fetè. Many wonderful people came to meet and greet us. I am honored by their warmth and gentle enthusiasm for my return to their community. We ate and talked, and talked and ate. I don't know how these beautiful women stay so slender. Jean Michel sat on my right played the spoons and sang. I accompanied him with two paper salad plates. Then he let me sing with him... I'll Fly Away. I learned that song when I lived in Eagle Butte SD on the Cheyenne River Reservation, Eagle Butte. We actually had an encore and consented to sing the chorus one more time. Then we had two extended photo sessions on the stairs. After that I told a story and Angeline translated as necessary.
The American Indian Dance Theater calendar from Sharon H was cut into several pages and distributed among the departing guests. Several requested my signature and I included a personal note for each. It was a long and lovely fetè. I went to bed as happy as a puppy... as my mother used to say.

3-9-10. The weather has prevented our departure for a seaside visit today. We are under a snowing sky. Laura is off to Aix by train. There is more snow coming this way. I sit by the fire qs warm as a hug and wonder about all the people who this old farm house has sheltered. This part housed people and the other side cattle.
Lula the ever smiling Samoyede will not come inside. She is asleep in the snow with her black nose tucked under her bushy tail. When I was here about five years ago she was much smaller so I am quite amazed at how large she has become.
Angeline and I went to Verfeil to post a parcel to Mpls and photos to Deer River. It continues to snow but the roads are warm and the snow is quickly melted. We photographed the 800 year old castle and moat.
We drove to Helene's for tea and biscuits and she presents me with a gift. Later we drove back through the snowy land and stopped to take pictures of the trees of hanging baskets. Angeline says they are mistletoe and will kill the trees that host them but tonight they are beautiful. I believe it is Christmas again.

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