Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Mar 23. 6:20 AM. Got the fire going and filled the slow cooker with good stuff for supper. Cleaned house, got clothes dried and folded, stacked lumber, cleared some floor space in the garage. Wallis came over to pick up gifts for herself and Marcelus and Lamaya. I began reading "The English Patient". I softened some small bits of dry dog food in milk for 10-10. He slurped up the milk then snarfed down the tidbits. I also gave him some of that good soup and a piece of cooked pork. He ate it all! It's been a long day. Too tired to stay up with the young people. They were watching "The Great Escape" when I toddled home with 10-10. Yes, Tenn-Tenn's name has been shortened again to 10-10. He loves it. He thinks it means he has surpassed perfection.

Mar 24. I'm sharing this small chair with 10-10 as my fire is not doing well and the house is still cold. He finds my warmth his delight. Tea and toast for me. Milk and softened tidbits for 10-10. Before leaving for Florida I broke another tooth. It cracked into 3 pieces. It didn't bother me too much so I didn't do anything for it. This morning one of the upper front teeth chipped. I was eating toast! My teeth are getting so brittle and hopeless.
Mae Sarton was happy on the 22nd. "I am happy because I feel alive and well and in a constant state of expectation before each day." I too, live each day in a happy state of expectation.
Now that the big items have been stowed I'm addressing the small stuff that I've collected since late November. Things like photos, post cards, letters, journals, cancelled stamps, theater tickets, programs, stickers, book marks, gum wrappers. What? Yes, Black Jack chewing gum was my grandfather Vanoss' favorite gum. I purchased a package at Burch Drug and could not discard the wrappers.
While I was gone Justice had his name tattooed across his back from shoulder to shoulder. I'm not into body art but do enjoy creating wearable art. Today I shortened a pair of velour pants that Aina gave me and added pieces of Angeline's old blouse to the legs. I will wear them tomorrow.
I can smell the subtle fragrances of the wood I burn. I find it on my hands when I sit down to read. Two or three pieces turn my fingers to potpourri. I inhale it at night and lose myself in a forest wild and wonderful where I wander until dawn.


  1. How fun to unpack and settle in! I can see you there! Glad you have a small 4 legged for company again! Off to do one of the yoga tapes we bought together.

  2. We are canning maple syrup and the house smells sweet again.

  3. I would love to see a photo of 10-10. I am going to send you an email with a song about Dog and God. Is there anyplace you can get your teeth fixed?

  4. When I was in White Earth I was seeing a dentist and one day I arrived to keep my appointment and he was gone! Fired. I had asked him to pull all my teeth so I could get painfree dentures. But he said he couldn't pull all my teeth until I'd lost a certain number. With the last cracked tooth I could be eligible.