Thursday, March 18, 2010


Mae Sarton wrote on this day of her 70th year and I shall write, too. She wrote of elder abuse and gang rape. She ended her entry thus: "It's a cold gray day and I feel cold and gray inside."
Roberto has returned with food and news. The geese are flying north! Well, it must be time for me to fly, too. The sugar bush is at full flow and all hands are needed... even old hands with crooked fingers.
The window is open and I hear the eager chirping of birds in the bare trees overhead. I think the very sky has tumbled down to fill this room. It feels good to fill the lungs with sky.
When Belle, the mini-horse, found out that I kept the sunflower seeds in a lidded can she tried to open it with her teeth. She is smart and persistent so I knew she would eventually open the can and the birds would be deprived. So I put the can under the bench. She tried to get it open for awhile but realized that it was now beyond her. So she stamped her pretty hoof, tossed her gray mane, curled her lip, flattened her ears and stepped smartly away. I miss that little Belle and her sassy ways. I think she misses me, too.
Aina called and we'll have lunch at Bachman's tomorrow. Suzann came over for yoga with Ann and I managed a few modified poses. Karen called and can take me north on Sunday. Hooray!

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