Thursday, March 18, 2010


March 17. When I heard Laura's knock on the door I had been dreaming that a yellow woman with white hair had floated over me, spread her arms and said, "Way gwah get chii." I took it for a blessing. Perhaps I had been visited by the spirit of the queen palm that has been guarding my rest. Her person glowed bright but the room around us remained drenched in a moist darkness. Perhaps I could say it was like returning to my mother's womb.
Soon Laura and I were on our way to terminal at Melbourne. At security I was frisked. I think Helene's pants were suspect. On board I went to sleep almost immediately. I found the rocking of the plane soothing as we crossed a turbulent sky. Then I was abruptly startled into wakefulness as the plane touched down in Atlanta.
Today is the birthday of St Patrick and my dear friend David Patrick S. Happy birthday David. I pray you are well and happy. David and I lived in Dakota Block apt in Grand Forks where we met during a tornado scare. Several funnels had formed over the city, the sky turned green and we went into shelter. We lived on the same floor in the building but had never met until a storm brought us together. From then on we were best friends. I still love him and wish him every happiness. I pray he is well loved, in good health and prosperous.
Yellow woman bright with light arrived to bless my early flight.
Last night Laura and I sat on the edge of the guest bed and as the queen palm eavesdropped, we admired this lovely book. We touched the images and marveled at such quiet graceful beauty. It was as if a shroud had been wrapped around us and we alone in all the world, our heads bending over these pages, had entered a temple where only the like-hearted could meet and understand. If a hummingbird had suddenly entered the room we would have had perfected communication as we shared the common language of the living-loving heart.
At the terminal I found Lynelle at the curb ready to gather me up and drive me to Ann's. She is an angel to come to my rescue so quickly. Yes, I saw her tuck her halo under her locks.

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