Monday, March 22, 2010


Karen came and got me at Ann's. We managed to get all my stuff in her little car and soon we were on the road to Crosby. Once there we moved everything to Ellie's car and continued on to Deer river. Within three minutes of my arrival the Redd Shedd was bursting with welcome from loved ones.
It took a long time to warm up the house. but it's warm now. Yesterday I accepted responsibility for a small stray dog. Annie has been caring for him for 2 weeks so he is slowly recovering from hunger and neglect. The vet said he is grossly malnourished and has trouble eating because of malformed teeth. He also has sores in his mouth which may help to explain his chronic starvation. I fed him today and he ate very little. I will get soft dog food when I go to the store.
I must have missed the woodpile because I was singing an outrageously happy melody as I brought the wood into the house and stirred the ashes with a smile. Yesterday was international poetry day so I have decided to name the dog Lord Alfred Tennyson. His short name will be Tiny Tenn. I'll call him Ten-Ten.
While making space for clothing I came upon my Halloween costume from 2008. I think I should pass it on. Is anyone interested in the Hong Kong Madame costume?
The car has been sitting outside all winter but started easily today. Cedar and I went shopping for food. Ten-Ten helped himself to a shoulder roast when I went to do the laundry. I'd left the groceries on the floor while the refrigerator cooled. That dog is smarter than I am!


  1. Welcome home. Love thinking of you there cozy and busy with some many projects.

  2. Ten-Ten's mouth must have liked that fresh meat. I can see your smile at the wood pile. I Called Sharon S. and told her you got home. May your fires warm your outside as your family warms your insides. Sharon

  3. How are you? I know you had a surgery for eyes. You must be doing fine. Did you have to get reacquainted with your new eyes? I think that would be a wonderful event. To see yourself with new eyes... and everything else, too.