Thursday, March 25, 2010


The sky is bright and as I breathe it up I think I am becoming a sky blue woman. I'm practising how to breathe deliciously. One breath completes a cycle. repeat four times for a cycle of five. Method = four short puffs of breath on inhalation and one long one to fill the lungs. Reverse to empty the lungs.
My book order came today! Mary O, "Though I am an old fashioned sort of person, who knows only the kind of blackberries that grow on bushes, I can't deny my own joy and appreciation at the salvation of voices otherwise vanishing into the unknowable darkness. Therefore this second CD." Now i have #1, "At Blackwater Pond" and #2, "Many Miles". I also got "Salute to Spring" by Meridel Le Sueur. Of this collection of 12 short stories Carl Sandburg wrote glowingly. Nelson Algen wrote, "She is one of the very few revolutionary writers who combines a powerful realism and a deep sense of beauty."
Mae S. was hungry for earth, lonesome for the soil, yearning for her garden. "So far nothing has happened outside but cold and more cold, so my hopes that I could get some gardening done are shattered. It was 16 degrees this morning. Yesterday it snowed in North Carolina. Unbelievable." Today we are in the low 20's so I am not in the garden either. But I purchased some seeds last week and when I passed the barrel planters I blinked three times and for a moment they were filled and spilling over with pink petunias.
From an old journal, Sept. 17, 2009 AB (After Brandon). "When I opened this book, oh God, it was a brutal kick to my soft old gut. I burst into tears when I saw his name (Brandon) and the old grief was new again." I had also written, "When I sleep there is no escape from the horror of murder and death. They go on into my dreams," Feb. 2007.
The house is filled with the sweetness of boiling maple syrup. The trees are at full flow but because of the fire danger we are pulling taps on Sunday and closing camp. We are afraid of a fire. It wouldn't be the first time but it could be the worst time.

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