Friday, March 19, 2010


Fess Parker, 85, died today of natural causes. He appeared on the movie screen when I was about 12. He also made a name for himself on TV. He seemed like a pretty good guy in his heroic roles as coon-capped/buck-skinned frontier characters. Mae S did not write today but on 3-17 she penned... "what one dreams of is opportunity for all." On the 14th she found herself lamenting at having "reached a dead end." Yes, some dead ends are undesirable. However, very soon I shall arrive at the "dead end" where I will find myself welcomed with joy! Our home is located on such a road. I never had a particular regard for that old road until now... when I yearn toward it. I feel it tugging at my hands and feet, my arms and legs. Yes, I am the old wild goose hungry for the distant water of northern lakes. And I know a certain river where migratory birds gather to tell their tales of joy and woe, to plan their futures good or ill.
Packages have arrived from Mary P (journal) and Karen V (doll and book of Elvis quotes). Elvis, "What becomes important as you get older is understanding... instead of worrying about the things you can't do anymore."
Had a good time out with Aina. Lunch at Bachman's, looked at plants, got some seeds and talked to the fish.

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