Friday, March 26, 2010


And did you know I once walked the Kenwood Hills district of Mpls embracing trees? Yes, I offered each a word of encouragement and appreciation. I left several stunned by a human kiss! Now I think they are waiting for my return... hoping for an embrace... longing for a kiss.
Not long ago I walked up the middle of one of those long streets because the sidewalks were snowed under and the street had been plowed. I wore a red goose down coat. The tall trees almost touched overhead. Their high branches laden with new snow. I thought I was a painting of a snowy day... "Woman in a Red Coat". I can still fell the snow under me, over me and all around.
When we were in France Laura took the train to Aix. She ran into heavy snow and saw an amazing thing... hundreds of pink flamingos standing in a snow storm! What an image had been caught in her memory. Then she put the image before me and it became my memory, too.
Sugar bush camp was quiet and peaceful until Annie and the kids arrived. Geezis and I prepared the hot dogs. I never eat wieners unless they have been charred over a smoky fire. The kids put some wood in my trunk. Then Wallis and I left. She didn't feel well and had to pick up her meds. later we went to Sammy's in Grand Rapids for a homecoming supper.


  1. You've traveled the world since I last read your posts on March 10! Most amazing journey with people from places far and near.

    You didn't mention Cinnamon, but I'm anxious to meet 10-10 when we come to Deer River April 3. Seems that wherever you are is home, where you are welcomed and loved. Cherish that. It is a gift that you so deserve!

    Love, Florence

  2. Now I have 2 pictures, Red Coat in Snow and Pink Flamingos in snow. Thank you Were there palm trees with the flamingos?

  3. Sharon, I don't think so. But I will ask Laura.