Saturday, April 3, 2010


March 31. Put up my Elvis Cafe curtains. I am still looking for a suitable valance. I had a gold lame' valence but gave it away. I'll keep looking and soon the most perfect of valences will appear for a small fee. I am the frugal crone.
Today I prepared a picnic lunch when I went to get Cedar off the bus. She was delighted and we hurried to the Foss for our first picnic of 2010. Bender the dog came uninvited. We had agreed that the pig could join us but no dogs. Cedar chased Bender to the barn but he returned to hang round the fringe of the Foss.
A major creative project was the painting of the patio lamp posts with nail polish (bronze, pink pearl and terracotta rose). The tiny brushes were perfect for Cedar's young fingers. Then we fired up the ceramic Mexican fire pot and Geezis blacked 6 hot dogs for supper.

April 1. Today is Chey's fiances' birthday. I got him a second hand t-shirt with a very nice piece of faded art on the chest and a pair of previously worn and washed stripped socks from Mexico. I also enclosed a recycled singing card. I could see that he was disappointed so I also gave him a bag of pasta from France. They are multi-colored, multi-flavored and shaped like tiny Eiffel Towers.
Sugar bush is officially closed for the year. On this last day Michael Price, Chee and Lisa came out for a visit. I hadn't seen Chee since he was a wee tyke. He's 8 now!
Mae S had a journal entry on the 1st too. Half of it consisted of describing what her friend Ursula, 62, experienced when she was jailed for participating in a peaceful demonstration to protest the building of silos to contain 96 cruise missiles in Britain. She spent 2 terrible weeks in jail and was so ill treated that she'd determined to devote her remaining years to prison reform. In fact, she went on to say she would like "to see society deprisoned". It reminded me of Joan Baez' song that says we should "raze the prisons to the ground". So I've been inspired to get out my 5 old but treasured Baez cassettes. What a wonderful voice and such meaningful lyrics. Good music makes me feel good. My mother used to say, "Music soothes the savage beast." Well, I've never had an opportunity to sing for a beast but I do know that "Clementine" will stop a deer.

April 2. Annie said she will move the gas furnace from the kennel to the Redd Shedd so I will have back up for the wood stove this winter.
I've been putting out seeds for the juncos. They are ground feeders and so is the pig. When I looked out of the new window to watch the birds... I saw the pig vacuuming up the seeds. Well the finches and chickadees are still able to eat from the elevated feeders. Oh, you should see how fast that pig tail is whipping.
It began to rain in late afternoon so I got to enjoy a splendid rain show on the window. The rain piano is still in good tune.

April 3. Up at 5 to relocate the washroom and all other stuff to accommodate the move. Very cold and windy today. Wallis and I went to Cass Lake. Then on to Bemidji with Chey, Gene and Lamaya. When we returned we picked up Marcelus. Wallis played outside with her grands and I could remember all the days I spent in this house as a young mother with young children. My first husband and I bought an old house from the city for $45. With the help of my step dad, Eirving Arey, we tore it down and salvaged as much as possible, including the nails. I spent hours pounding them straight. So we recycled an old house and 4 generations have found shelter beneath this roof.

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