Friday, January 22, 2010


"Your legs are your friends." Geronimo. So are your feet! The Yoga says, "See what you are becoming." I am becoming less active and must make an effort to keep moving. It's part of the process... learning to live in a new country here on the fourth hill. I can do as Hickman suggests and have confidence "in the mystery of living."
From Keats we learn, "I am certain of nothing but of the holiness of the heart's affection and the truth of imagination." A fan wrote to Mae Sarton, "I am forever indebted to the great gift you hold... that ability to communicate in a straightforward manner, tools that one may use in his own unique life, to become." I have become what I am and shall become what I will be. Of this I am certain.
We had 4 guests for supper then went to the Groveland Gallery. Norma was my special guest. Verna met us the gallery and came back with us. We are going to another gallery tomorrow so I said, "We must be the Gallery Gals!"
Ann is working on a baby quilt. I am going to wash the fabric before I begin work on my dream dress. I dreamed the fabric and found it at Mill Ends Monday on our return from Crosby.

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