Friday, January 29, 2010


"Thank you Howard Zinn for urging us to 'renounce nationalism and all its symbols: its flags, its pledges of allegiance, its anthems, its insistence in songs that God must single out America to be blessed'." Matthew Rothschild.
Today I went to school with Ann to help chaperone her second graders. We walked to Orchestra Hall and heard a lovely concert. The children were well-behaved and seemed to appreciate this truly splendid opportunity. The performance opened with the theme from "Star Wars". In an instant I was slammed into a memory. Emotionally I'd been assaulted and flung against a stone wall. Suddenly I was in the Blackduck Theater with Brandon at my side. Sitting there in Orchestra Hall with the victorious music swelling around me I could smell the popcorn on his warm breath. Perhaps he was in the second grade at that time. John had taken us out for supper and a movie. Of course, we'd a wonderful time. I pulled myself back to the present and enjoyed the concert. Later we walked back to school in the cold but no one complained. The children gave me a name. Abuelita Anita. How great is that!
Ann and I then went to Gail Dahlstrom's funeral services at the Hennepin United Methodist Church. Many good words were spoken of her but what I remember is "she practiced the presence of God". How spiritually enriching such a life would be. We stayed for repast.
I learned on Yahoo that we were under a Wolf Moon. The first full moon of 2010. The moon was closer than it would be for the rest of the year. I hurried to the roof and saw the enormous moon rising pale and blue over the buildings. I returned to 107 to tell Ann. On my way back to the roof I stopped to tell Norma. Soon we three stood on the roof marveling at the greatness of the moon. Norma invited us for tea and soon had laid a good party luncheon before us.
Mae Sarton had begun to read a biography of Isak Dineson, 1982.
Mary O, "In winter all the singing is in the tops of the trees where the wind bird with its white eyes shoves and pushes among the branches."

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