Saturday, January 23, 2010


"As we face the end of one way of life and the re-connection with a sustainable way that is the true heritage of human beings on the earth, how long can we live or when we pass on is not as relevant. The real question is how will we live! When we commit ourselves to a life of service, sustainability, and love, rather than selfishness, greed, and fear, we have already made all the difference in the world! It's nice to be walking this path together." Jed Diamond.
Thomas Jefferson urged the new republic, "crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations." But a five member majority of the Supreme Court has handed the country over to wealthy corporations.
"In a time when the public has been making clear its disdain for corporate avarice, arrogance and abuse... and in its desire to rein in the ferocious power" of these vulgar giants the court drags all of us in the wrong direction. But the mothers of America will not kiss this nation goodbye. They will fight for the future. How? We shall see. Our elders have said, "If the hearts of the women have not fallen into the ground, the people are not yet conquered."
Ann thought I could be admitted into the YMCA as a guest today. But I was denied entry for lack of adequate identification. So I walked to the library, sat down, opened my borrowed jacket and discovered I'd dripped four small spots of toothpaste spittle on the front of my hand painted Elvis shirt. However, even in this unsightly condition I was mistaken for someone who knew her way around the shelves. A lost woman approached me for assistance. I did my best but I was no help. She was looking for a biography of Nelson Mandela. I came home with biographies, too. Willa Cather and Pablo Neruda.
Verna and Mauricio joined us for an excellent dinner then we all went to the Ancient Traders Gallery for a look at some really exciting work. Verna, Ann and I each got one of the free books. I had some of my pages autographed. Since Norma could not attend I got her a couple of free bookmarks.

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