Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've been awake for awhile but quiet... not bothering anyone. I went down to open front door and stood on the step inhaling the morning sky. Now I'm in the bay window seat waiting for sunrise. The clouds are full of fire. Last night from the 3rd floor window I enjoyed a beautiful starry sky. Some of the stars were enormous. At this time 7:45 AM it is 24 degrees outside.
Mae Sarton didn't write today but Hickman quoted her. "We are real friends now because we have been able to share some painful experiences in our private lives." She had found a "companion in sorrow" and a friend with whom to tread the water of deep grief.
Now I am sitting in the bay window seat again watching the sun setting in the west. A blaze is fading from the cloud sky. No stars for me tonight. But I walked to hwy 6 and back 1.2 miles, took pictures, enjoyed the snow, the trees, the sky. Today we saw an ebony squirrel and a pillypecker, as Cedar calls the piliated woodpecker.
Nancy used healing touch on my left foot. The bone feels like it's coming through the bottom of my foot. So walking can be a challenge.

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