Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today the Yoga wrote, "We are always together in God." From Hickman we hear, "Perhaps relinquishing of our most intense grief makes a space into which a new relationship with the loved one can move." We are always changing and the things that change most slowly seem more intense during the process. CS Lewis wrote, "...the lifting of the sorrow removed a barrier."
On Jan 1, 1880, Louisa Mae Alcott was mourning the death of her sister May. May had been unconscious for several days and seemed not to have suffered. Of her own pain she wrote, "...the wave of sorrow kept rolling over me and I could only weep and wait till the tide ebbed again." In a letter to her aunt she penned, "In all the troubles of my life I never had one so hard to bear." She ended, "Sorrow has its lonely side, and sympathy is so sweet it takes half its bitterness away."
Last night we went to the Scottish pub L'Ecosse to hear Dino and the jazz trio. We ate fish 'n' chips and onion rings with beverages. We celebrated Verna's b-day of the previous day and also the 75th b-day of Elvis. Then we went to Verna and Mauricio's to hear a few new songs, one was written by Ann's husband Roberto. We also watched a series of Elvis' acts from Las Vegas. Then back to Kenwood to see "Jailhouse Rock".
Today we went to the library and met a sudden bumper buster. The young man in the Olds had his first auto accident. Ann and I have had several. No injuries. Onward to the underground Walker Library. I got one book, "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society" by Shaffer and Barrows. I requested three more. Now I am an official member of the local reading community. Do our hearts beat in unison?
Ann and I prepared a good brunch and I put Edith Piaf on the stereo. So it was like sitting at a sidewalk cafe on a Paris boulevard. I danced from the sink to the table several times to honor Edith for giving us such pleasure.
"Education for Extinction" is a painful read and I have added a margin comment about Thomas Jefferson: He had a narrow view of culture and a limited grasp on earth-based societies.

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