Friday, January 1, 2010


Dec. 29, 2009. Mae Sarton wrote of her friend Lottie Jacobi that "she was glowing with life." Together they were certain that "love is always possible, that special kind of love that always brings poetry with it." Then Lottie would admit "that disillusion sometimes follows... but... everything is good that brings more life, that makes life sparkle if only for a month or two." They are two wise women! Today I failed to achieve the glow of life. I seem rather less than perky. Even my hair hangs listless and dull around my sallow face.
When Aina went out to feed the birds the rabbits and the squirrels we saw that Perky rabbit did not flee in fear. She has named the smaller rabbit Perky because s/he bounces along and the other rabbit is Gurki because s/he bumps along. How I enjoy this winter window. Because the apartment is low the 2 windows are at ground level and provides a fantastic view of wildlife.
Mary O wrote that she'd been at your window and overheard you "talking about God as if he were an idea instead of the grass, instead of the stars." in my dreamtime I heard a voice say, "Know me now as I know you."
Aina and I went to see "Sherlock". He's sort of a grown up Harry Potter. I hear the voice of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in their dialogue but the new actors just don't bring Sherlock and Watson to life for me. Entrenched with the old deducer, the Downey sleuth doth deeply disappoint me.

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