Saturday, January 16, 2010


We went to Uptown for breakfast. Karen and her beautiful family met us there. After a big breakfast we all went back to the apt for more conversation. When the visitors left Ann and I were soon on the road to Crosby, MN. We drove right past Mooer's Agate Lake Resort. It felt strange that I was not coming to visit Elsie. My dear friend is gone to the other side but just the sight of that sign stirred me deeply. She was a beautiful, delightful person, a kind and gracious friend. I used to stay in cabin 6 and we would sit and talk or walk the paths. She was so proud of all the stonework done by her father. Soon I had grown to love the stones, too. I could almost see him working them into walls, tables and benches.
On this day in 1982 Mae Sarton was in the jaws of a wild white winter storm. She shoveled through a four foot drift for her dog and wanted to fill the feeders for the hungry birds. Even though the fierce wind was pushing the birds away from the feeders. But the feeder was 30 feet from the door. She was too exhausted to push her way through all the snow between her and the feeders. It's smart to recognize your limitations... especially in a storm and life is full of storms.
"Whoever survives a test, whatever it may be must tell the story. That is his duty." Elie Wiesel. I'd love to tell the story of Brandon's brief life. Perhaps it would help prepare others for their time of crisis, loss and grief. I believe I will write that story one day.
Wallis called today and I talked to great-granddaughter Lamaya. She is in nursery school and was excited about that. I was excited to hear her voice. "I love you, Grandma. Goodbye! Goodbye!"
Perhaps I could write that book to her and she would know her Daddy better. She'd know what I know and in that knowledge she would love and respect the one who is her father. She would find him real, as we are real. Not one gone to heaven or asleep in the cemetery.

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