Sunday, January 24, 2010


Last night Verna and Mauricio had supper here. Verna brought the salad. Everything was delicious. Then we went to The Ancient Trader Gallery to see the art and meet some artists. After that to Merlin's Rest where Dino was playing with Papa John and the Hot Club. There were six musicians celebrating the 100th birthday of D'Jangle Reinhardt the French Gypsy Jazz guitarist. When I got home I checked for him on YouTube and there he was!
"Sister Kenny's Children" is being staged at the History Theater. My grandmother Vanoss took me to see the Sister Kenny Institute where the Australian nurse cared for children who had had polio. My old friend Hillary Jeunesse was one of them. My grandmother was a great admirer of Kenny, the pioneer genius of physical therapy.
While in meditation today I saw a green door trimmed with intricate tiny gold designs. It was soft to the touch. I pushed it open and a white-robed man stood with an open hand held toward me. In his hand was a highly polished stone with swirls of red and creamy white. I didn't try to take it but put my finger on it. I felt the smooth cool surface and then it all disappeared.
Mae Sarton wrote, "I think one learns by absorbing poems by a poet one loves and getting the beat and the form into the subconscious." Randall Silvis urges us to write to "present the reader a piece of the world and to do so with honesty, clarity and gratitude." Dylan Thomas also assigns great responsibility to the writer. In his opinion what is written must be "the light of the mind, the heat of the heart." My life has been enlightened by writers I've met on pages along my way and, yes, they did add a certain warmth to my days.

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