Tuesday, September 15, 2009


After swinging the tiger around for a few days we were all too tired for the fun night out that we'd been planning. We cancelled a trip to the Terrapin Station in Nevis. Annie had turned us on to a couple of musical brothers from Wisconsin that's she'd met at Walker during the Ethnic Fest. With several very busy days behind me I just couldn't get enough rest. Annie confessed she was unable to catch up with barn chores and didn't see how the Nevis plan could fit into our schedule. So we stayed home and had a simple pancake supper. The kids raved about the cranberry jam and wanted the recipe. I gave them the full page version and said there will be a pop quiz when they least expect it. Geesiz said, "I'm ready!" The bees are very busy in our Russian sunflowers. They work constantly, singing softly and without fanfare. I thanked them for their efforts but they were too busy to acknowledge my appreciation. After supper I visited the garden under a twilight sky. As the sun dropped behind the dark trees the translucent petals of the tall gold flowers cast a heavenly light over the languishing garden. It was their last smile on the close of another blissful bee day. Soon the soft blanket of night covered their shining faces and I turned my tired steps toward home.

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