Friday, September 18, 2009


After a week or more of tracked in sand and gravel due to excavation around the house I decided to get the dirt out. Since the concrete floor is covered with scatter rugs it's a chore just carrying them outside. After that I employed the broom and swept out debris. Then I swept the stone pathway, stood the broom against the house, went to the garden and picked a handful of cherry tomatoes. I sat on the garden bench to enjoy the tomatoes, the flowers and a nice breeze. When I got back to my door I found Bella the mini-mare had carried the broom away and was eating the straw! She snorted and stamped her foot when I took it from her. She thought it belonged to her. "Finders keepers," she whinnied. It was pretty hot so I covered the window with a piece of fabric. I'd been bothered with flies for several days. Now I discovered that the plastic window was loose so I fixed it up with gorilla tape and the flies no longer have entry. The humming bird feeders have been removed until 2010. I spent a lot of time planning gardens for next year and thinking of ideas for the blog when I begin my seventh decade. If I write daily blogs that will mean 365 themes! One day I saw a pileated woodpecker swimming across the sky and pointed it out to Cedar. She recalled how we had heard one on our way to the cemetary and she'd flung her arms around me because it had frightened her. Now I said, "That piliated woodpecker sure can fly!" She replied, "He sure can peck." I said, "He sure can sing." Then she made an imitation of the bird and called it the song of the pillypecker. I received an incredible gift from an unknown person who has my correct address. It was 2 cd's of four collections by Floyd Red Crow Westerman and Buddy Red Bow. These two talented Lakota singers are gone to the other side. I had the albums on cassette but didn't play them much because they are so old and fragile. Now I can play Red Crow and Red Bow as often as I like. I want to thank the person who sent them but...

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