Thursday, September 17, 2009


I took Cedar for a dental visit in CL. I thought she would scream and kick but she was Angelic! Afterward we delivered some bags for Chey and had a brief visit with Terry. We left before Cedar forgot that she still had to get to school. On the way to DR she told me she was hungry so we stopped in Bena and she picked out some unhealthy snacks. We got to school, found her classroom and thattah was thattah. I made a solo trip to GR, dropped off library movies and selected my weekend reading. Then to U-Save for food and PO for news. At home I decided to back fill around the front of the house because it was such a mess. After a long break and a much deserved tall glass of home squeezed limeade I arranged a wonderful sitting area. I was enjoying the yellow glider when Justice got home. He'd carried a sleeping Cedar all the way from the bus stop! Then he glued insulation to north side of building. I fixed us both a glass of limeade but he couldn't finish it because of the cayenne pepper. Then we made a humane trap for the 2 dogs that have been digging up a certain area. After building a fire in the ceramic patio pot I grilled brats for Just, Cedar and myself. Cedar declared they were too black but she ate one. Justice ate two and there were no further complaints until Geezis came home from track practice and found the brats were gone.

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