Sunday, September 6, 2009


I picked the green beans yesterday and washed them at the old sink I found in the woods and set up at the garden. I secured it over the compost bins so the water goes right back to work. I wanted them well-drained so I left them in the home made colander (a plastic dishpan full of holes) and went to do something else. I forgot them! This morning I retrieved them and am getting them ready to dehydrate. Recognizing that they spent their last night together in a cozy situation under the nearly full moon I have decided to call them our moon beans. I pulled up the plants for compost. We have 3 bags of apples. If I have time I'll can them up for winter sauce, muffins and cakes. The insulation situation is improved and the hole in the wall where the window will be reinstalled is still covered with plastic. The glass is salvaged and will remain part of the rebuilt window. When it returns I will miss the soft rustling of plastic that nudges me to sleep each night. I took a walk into the woods and found the old road to the cemetary. It is quite grown in and there are young trees in the old ruts. I spooked a couple of deer, a few frogs and a small garter snake. UPDATE FOR MOON BEANS. I didn't have the dehydrator turned on, after all, and the moon beans were spoiled! I thought the dehydrator was ruined so I turned it over to disassemble and try to repair it. Then I discovered that the contraption has two switches and both must be on for the thing to function. Well, we have no manual. I apologized to the moon beans as they were withering in the compost and explained everything to Annie so she wouldn't repeat my mistake.

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