Monday, September 14, 2009


Saturday was a girls' day out with Wallis. We had a terrific time. Sunday we had a crew for our family rice camp. We had the gas thrasher going and also we had dancers in the pit. I hand cleaned the rice and enjoyed a parade of memories. Some of which I shared with whoever was sitting closest to me at the moment. The hard workers were Tom, Missy, Annie, Wallis and me. Justice stayed in his sickbed. Geezis stayed in the house, too. Cedar, CeeCee and Maddie played outside and had a wonderful time. Missy and Wallis took turns drumming. At first there was much laughter and many stories were told. I said they used to sing rice songs for this, too. Wallis took a bag of crab apples and a shovel. She was gone for a long time digging holes and burying the apples. I'm sure she imagined a lovely orchard growing up around her. As the heat and the weariness from such labor intensive activities got to everyone the drum went slower and the voices lost their eager edge. We finished a good amount of rice and Missy took some home for their thanksgiving feast. I am cleaning some for our feast today. This morning I took some of the cranberries and gave them back to the forest. I imagined that one day the family would walk along a boulevard of great white cranberry blooms and remember me.

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