Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday I helped Geezis prepare her first moon necklace and assembled a new one for myself. It was a moon and sky key chain that Wallis made for me long ago. She'll laugh when she sees it. I also gave Geezis a skirt for ceremony. I have both a sweat dress and a moon dress for these separate events. So I encouraged her to consider the same. I pinned tiny red and white quilled pipes to the sleeves of my moon dress. Geezis and Cedar gave it their whole hearted approval. The roundup is in the mail! Last night was a good night for a short walk as there was no need for a torch and it was cool enough to keep the bugs away. Afterward I sat in the little patio, enjoyed a visit from the fearless one and wrote a celebratory poem.


Awake beneath the velvet sky, the satin moon and I
Watch Jupitar slow dance to night music from the earth.

Lonely for companionship the fearless one arrives.
Her jeweled caplet pulled snug around her soft plump body.
The cowl collar lifts her pale round cheeks.
Moonlight fills her calm brown shining eyes.

Impatient to discover my intentions,
She taps her long thin fingers.
I sing a harmless little love song, putting her at ease.
In gentle tones I bid her, "Keep the watch with me."

The fluffy dandelions and pale petunias glow.
My shadow creeps crisp and dark behind me.
At last I say with a stifled yawn, "It's been a long day.
The moon will be complete tomorrow.
Shall we meet again? Same time? Same place?"
She considers my proposal at length,
Then tips her head discretely.
I fold my blanket and leave her
Dazzled in the night.

Later, I take my pen
And enter in my calendar,
"Star watch tomorrow, 9PM.
The moon, the toad and me."

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