Thursday, September 10, 2009


Deer River is overcrowded with K-kids so Cedar does not go to school until next week. Yesterday we visited the GR Pub Lib to select movies and books. She also needed a bit of lunch. Then we stopped at the animal shelter/second hand store to drop off my old pc and printer. They were glad to see it as it was better than the one they had. Before we left they had it up and running. However, they kept their tower. We ran into Wallis there and she gave us $3 for the clearance sale. But Cedar was eager to get back home so we got a $1 bag and left. Afterwards she followed me down the woodland trail to the Catholic cemetary. She was disappointed because we didn't see any deer, leopard frogs or snakes. When we got to the tombstones I began telling her how old the people were when they died. We came to the stone for Baby Jake. I said, "There are baby bones here. Jake died the same day he was born." She found this hard to accept. We went along the paved pathway then decided to walk the periphery of the cemetary. Soon we discovered a grave well under the trees. It was marked with a homemade poured concrete cross. It appeared to be excluded from the other burials. I said, "I wonder why this person was buried here all alone." We had noticed several areas where old artifical flowers and plastic crosses had been discarded. Now Cedar began gathering the best of them to put on the neglected grave. Soon the concrete cross was surrounded by bright floral arrangements. Satisfied, we went on, crossed the cemetary and located the forest path. Along the way she kicked something and identified it as "baby bones". I looked at it. "It's a mushroom," I told her. She took the lead as we returned home. Later she helped me clean the cranberries and then asked to see the Dian Fossey videos on Youtube. I think she wanted to see the gorilla cemetary where DF was buried with her silverback friends. She asked who had murdered Dian. I said no one knew. After she went to sleep I resumed cleaning berries alone. When Geezis got home she helped me clean the rest of the berries and Justice went out to begin digging around the machine shop so the insulation could be installed. But he got tired and took a long nap. Annie stopped in CL to see her dad who has had another stroke. But he is doing well enough to be out ricing today. Annie agreed to go with him so she could keep an eye on him. Butch and Dave are here to insulate around the window.

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