Saturday, September 26, 2009


On thursday I had seen a bug that looked exactly like a walking leaf. It was on the raspberry bushes in front of the house. When Cedar got home we picked some cherry tomatoes. Then we went to the Foss to sit down and have a mini-picnic. Then as we were watering the potted plants I found another walking leaf. So she got to see it, too. After a short time Annie arrived and we showed it to her. She was amazed at the beauty of the bug. Friday is the day I spend with Cedar as she has no school that day. We worked on my list of things to do. Then we went to GR to the bank, library and Arby's for lunch. We had a terrific time. When I got back to DR Justice said that I'd had a call from Wallis. She needed help to cash a check so I returned to GR. I would take her to my bank. She gave me $20 for helping her out. There are new phone lines coming down our road and I think I can get one to the house so I could have a phone and get back on line. Then I can write to anyone anytime!

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