Tuesday, September 29, 2009


When Justice came to see if I had an after-school snack for him he saw the ladder in the house and shuddered. He said, "If you have something for me to do let me know. You shouldn't be climbing that ladder. What if you fell?" I saw his point and appreciated his concern but replied, "I was making my house ready for a joyful winter journey by hanging pictures of family and friends. This is so personal that I must do it for myself." He saw my point, too. I heated up a bowl of soup and made us each a cup of hot tea. He exclaimed, "This is a new brand... and very good!" He was right. I had purchased an obscure/cheap brand of English breakfast tea and found it quite delicious. We each enjoyed a second cup of the fine penurious brew. Soon Annie arrived with Wallis and we all went to look at the Deer River duplex Wallis will be renting in November. It will be a challenge for her to get to the support services in Grand Rapids but housing in that town seems to be reserved for pipeline workers. When Annie returned Wallis to GR Geezis decided to ride home with me. We stopped at the post office to pick up my mail. We have an agreement that she opens my first-class mail and reads the messages to me as I drive us home. The letter was from Jim Vickery but she didn't read it because he had returned my magic glasses. She put them on and was amazed to find the world transformed. They cast such a splendid spell upon her that she could not read the letter. Today has been very cold and the garden has perished.

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