Friday, October 30, 2009


What a long day it's been for me and the war pony. I drove that fierce old van to Grand Rapids in AM so Michael and I could help Wallis get her stuff to their new home in Deer River. Then we went out to John's house on Oak Point Rd to get some furniture that she's left there. Then to Cass Lake for more things. The van was really packed and it had been snowing for two hours when we were ready to travel. Part of the bed was tied to the top of the van so I was driving between 40 and 50 mpr all the way. I had the hazard lights on and when I saw that five cars were trailing me I'd pull to the shoulder to let them pass. It was slow going but Chey had seen an owl just before we departed so I took that for a good message. I was tense and very careful. But I'm home now and all is well. The horses were glad to see me because they really wanted some grain. Tomorrow I'll be extra nice to the dogs. They were kenneled all day, last night and tonight, too. Poor guys.

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