Thursday, October 8, 2009


I cut a piece of rigid foam for the window and got it fairly tight. There are some gaps but I'll fix that if the real window doesn't show up soon. Annie had taken the kids out for supper at Shelly's in DR and had been gone for quite some time. Although the sun had set I decided to go for a walk. I was just about to the wide curve when a police car came speeding around the corner and toward Linda's. It stopped abruptly, backed up and came down our road. It passed me but as I turned I saw another officer in the yard behind me! I know cops aren't supposed to invade private property without good reason or a warrent. So I went back to question them. I was told they were in pursuit of a suspect and the person had sought refuge on our property. They described the perp and said he was either mentally deranged or drugged. They requested my permission to search the buildings and the property. Of course I consented and accompanied one officer into the big house while he did a thorough search. The other cop called on the shoulder radio and said he'd located an abandoned vehicle not far from us. We continued to search the house. I was surprised to find the back door was not only unlocked but ajar as well. The basement became of prime interest and I was asked not to accompany the officer down the steps. All other buildings were also searched, except the barn/kennel. If the perp had gone in there the dogs would have been barking. When my small house was searched the officer said he was glad to see Elvis on guard duty and suggested that I install a damper in the chimney. I'd been thinking that, too. I said I didn't know how and he gave me a quick seminar. Then the officer heard cracking bush beyond the barn and went to investigate. I was standing outside when Annie came. I told her what was in progress and Cedar bagn whimpering. Justice tried to pick her up but she threw her arms around my legs. Annie offered to take her inside but Cedar said, "I want Grandma." It seems I am the tower of strength small children need when facing fear and danger. I held her hand and we walked to the log fortress. Soon more police cars arrived, several officers and a canine unit. I stayed with Cedar until the rest of the family settled their jitters and then I went home. Justice walked with me as the cops were still combing the property. Before leaving he searched my dwelling. I locked the door behind him and watched a movie (Raintree County) on the laptop. I didn't know what was going on so before I went to bed I put a stool in front of the door with a bottle balanced so it would fall if the door was opened. I leaned the broom against the foam window so it would fall if the windows was pushed in, put the stove poker near me and went to bed. I heard the dogs bark a few times before I went to sleep. In the morning I walked to the fortress and Justice told me the man had been caught and arrested.

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