Sunday, October 25, 2009


We celebrated with Missy last night at their home on the banks of the Mississippi River. It was a costume party and we came appropriately attired. Geezis and Cedar were black cats. Their outfits were topped off with two necktie skirts from my collection of outrageous finery. I was a splendid creature of shining blue. Not quite goddess and not exactly damsel. So I coined a word that turned out to be rather sacrilegious. I was the Blue Goddamsel. Justice was the Buff Hunter and arrived without a shirt in hunting pants and boots carrying a pellet gun. Annie was the Godless Clown complete with rainbow hair and red nose. Tom and Missy were the Dude and the Chick. Tom was the chick in a hot pink wig and velvet skirt with 'leopard skin' camisole. Missy was his bearded companion. Ceecee was a small pastel green Dragon, Maddie was the Ambassador of Transylvania. and Grandma Lila was the Queen of Good Wishes in a purple gown, lace shawl, silver tiera and wand. Of course, we took pictures. The menu was exciting and delicious. I was also presented with two early b-day gifts. From Lila an Elvis calendar and from Missy an Elvis bag.

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