Saturday, October 10, 2009


Cinnamon woke me up as he wanted to go out. I had to get up and build a fire to keep us both warm. So I opened the door to discover it had snowed! We got more than a dusting. I made a cup of morning coffee, dressed, went into the snowy world and brought in enough wood to fill the wood rack. When I went to the log house for water Cedar was up and dressed. She met me at the door. "I love winter!" she shouted. She put on a jacket and went out. But it was colder than she thought it would be and she wasn't gone too long. She hadn't dressed warm enough. But she's learning. I hope the ground doesn't freeze as I have not finished back filling around the house. The north side is about 3/4 complete. My most loyal helper has been Cedar and that is just too much work for an old woman and a small girl. We must take frequent breaks... for water and rest. Rest breaks were spent talking about the possibility of a dinosaur sighting, interesting sounds from the trees, bugs that look like sticks, what happens to bees when it snows, peacocks and silverback mountain gorillas. Yesterday we also worked in the gardens and got a lot of stuff into the compost. We tumbled some logs to a new location and visited a deer bed.

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