Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Cedar has been sick and didn't go to school today. So we have time to share. What will we do? First we will simply enjoy the bright beauty of this shining day. I got a delivery of wood yesterday and so I can have a fire if needed. It was too good to last! Before noon the clouds had covered the sun and returned us to a shadowland. Cedar and I went to pick up the mail and she expressed a desire for Shelly's mozzorella sticks. So we detoured in that direction and had lunch together. While waiting for food I showed her how the two straw covers could skate across the table. One was Scott Hamilton and the other Kurt Browning. You must know that Kurt is the ultimate man according to Cedar. Then I made two paper crowns from the flatware wrappers. I awarded both paper skaters a crown because while Kurt got the most points in the competition, it was Scott who performed the most daring feat. He turned a perfect backward flip. Cedar was dismayed because Kurt cannot flip. Well, I explained, Kurt is too tall. If he should attempt the stunt he would probably strike his head on the ice. A package has arrived from France with gifts for all. Cedar got a very nice card illustrated with many happy children. She said all the children in the picture were nice except the two on the end. She named them and dismissed them as bullies. I said perhaps they are fiends. From the package I selected eight tea bags from London for Justice, a small bottle of honey from Corsica for Annie and two vials of perfume from France. for Geezis and Kala. What an international day it has become. The clouds do not impact our joy.

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