Friday, October 23, 2009


I came here old.
My final home.
Every day carries me
Far from my thin dreams.
This large box
Becomes my cell.

But a clever fire
Blazes in the wood stove
Spilling an eager warmth,
Filling dark corners.
It cheers me greatly.
Like the visit of a child.
It pops and sparks
Unaffected by self-pity.
The silly sorrow that flowed in
Has drained away again.

No school for Cedar so I came to the log house and found the coffee pot full and waiting. I mixed a cup and shared it with her. I told her it was "dancing brew". So, of course, it made her dance. It also had the unexpected effect of causing her to flutter her 'wings' like a humming bird and sing like a phoebe. Now she sits beside me drawing. There is a round red hobbit house with a great bold rosy sky all around. Beyond the green hill a blue sail boat is anchored in a lake that is as rosy as the sky. A purple sun shines over all. A narrow path is provided so we can follow it to the water, board the boat and sail away together. Above the house is a timid little rainbow. At the end of the rainbow is not a pot of gold but a very large grandmother. My assignment is to add the clouds. Nice clouds... not tornado clouds. Yes, in the past I have actually filled pages with dark menacing clouds spewing tornadoes. When the entire scene is complete Cedar turns the page and asks me to draw a bird for her to color. I produce a proud tall crested bird with long strong legs. I surround it with various bugs and a few flowers. She decides it is a lady bird and draws a vent protruding from her back end! Soon a fresh egg has fallen into a small nest below the vent. My goodness! Some children are so observant.

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