Sunday, October 4, 2009


Today I will pursue a theme. Is there a roundup void? Yes. The correspondence basket is empty because I try to answer mail as it arrives. There is no current roundup on the desktop and I miss it. Nevertheless, I will continue with my plan to let the roundup rest until Nov 9, 2011. Why am I melancholy about that? I feel I have abandoned many friends who looked to the roundup to keep us all connected. I deeply enjoyed the opportunity it provided to share our friendship. Some of you reconnected with familiar names and there has been much reaching out across the roundup pages. I recognize the blessing and the challenge the roundup brought to me... to us. But this must be my journey of reflection and I want to do it in my own singular way. So when I embark in earnest on Nov 9th I welcome all former roundup recipients to join me as I step into my seventh decade. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with daughter Wallis and found it quite pleasant inspite of the fact that October is a painful month for us. In a few weeks it will be four years ago that our beautiful and beloved Brandon was murdered.

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