Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween is come and gone again. No one tapped their bony knuckles on my door. No childish voices called for treats. I spent the hallowed eve with Cinnamon. He slept while I watched Johnny Depp "Finding Neverland". Several days ago I watched "The Painted Veil". I'd read the book so I found many changes from page to screen. Some changes did not appeal to me but others improved on the book. The book, however, did allow readers a closer look at the inner workings of the characters. One thing I didn't see in the movie was the monument to the virtuous widow. I think it could have enhanced the screenplay. Also the movie doesn't express the deep emotional loss Col. Yu and Mr. Waddington felt when Dr. Fane died. While watching 'neverland' I saw the dark shining eyes of a small boy fill with amazement at the astonishing grandeur of the theater. A little breath of awe escaped his rosy lips and plunged me into grief. It struck suddenly. Without warning. For it was something Brandon did when he stood awestruck before beauty.

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