Thursday, October 29, 2009


Great things happen while you're waiting. I learned a lot about Les Paul and the famous electric guitar he invented. I also found out that he pioneered a lot of sound engineering techniques. The single asset that propelled him forward was the love and confidence of his mother. Not to make a fine tuned comparison but it didn't hurt Elvis that his mother Gladys believed in her boy , too. Well radio was big when I was little so I heard a lot of music when I lived with my grandparents on Franklin Avenue in Mpls. I thought that Les, Paul and Mary Ford was a trio. How could two people make so much music? I could imagine the three of them coming through the throbbing tubes into the radio and out the speaker into our house. I thought Mary was a beautiful golden haired angel. The boys Les and Paul just backed her up. Of course, I've heard Bing Crosby sing "It's Been a Long, Long Time" but I didn't know the guitar solo was done by Les Paul. He died of pneumonia in Aug. 2009. He was in his 90's.
Well Flo has come and gone. Actually it was Flo, Carter, Alice and Del who brought a load of furniture to Deer River for Wallis. Michael was at the house to help us carry it inside and we finished in no time. Then we went to Shelly's for lunch. I ran into the lovely Joan Canty and Oliver, her glamorous husband. Back at my house the window measurements were taken and there is a really good possibility of locating a used window to fill the pneumonia hole. We sat around to enjoy hot cider and brownies (made by Carter). We talked about books. I showed them what I've been reading and got leads on other authors to look for. Del and Carter interrupted our conversation when they began snoring in unison. So that wrapped up our little party.

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