Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today we remember our beautiful Brandon who was murdered on this day 2005. He was just 17... and, Marvin, his murderer was 17. Marvin is in prison at Stillwater. I miss Brandon every day. I hope someone misses Marvin, too. Justice and I often tell Brandon stories to each other. It's good to remember. This morning I awakened to gentle rain fingers playing the rain piano and it recalled Brandon's rain drums. It was a good way to return from dream time. The dream was about carrying water. I just kept filling a bottle but when I tried to carry it away I'd find it empty. So I'd return to the flowing spring and refill it. But after a few steps it would be empty again. It seemed to be a sound container but the water kept getting away. When Annie gets home from work we are going to see Wallis and have a small memorial ceremony with the pipe and drum. The facility will not allow a fire on the grounds. Brandon and the ancestors will understand.

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