Saturday, April 17, 2010


April 16. Among my wealth of daily birds I have discovered a single pine grosbeak. They usually travel together but this one is alone among the finches, chickadees, juncos and sparrows.
Chey and Lamaya spent the night at Wallis' so we all went to the St Mary Church rummage sale. then we took 10-10 to vet for shots. Chey and Gene will adopt 10-10 as I am looking for housing again. We are informed that it is not lawful for me to reside in the sub-standard Redd Shedd. But property taxes increase if we bring it up to standard. Solution! Move on, Granny. So we all went to see a couple of apts and I got an application for the one I liked best. Can you Believe that my old gypsy blood is still strong and has energized me for another move?

April 17. St Mary had her $1 a bag day so I went after Wallis, Chey and Lamaya. On my way I saw 3 large swans on the wing. We enjoyed our little shopping adventure so much we drove to Cohassett looking for more sales. But we were disappointed. Then on our return over the Mississippi River bridge an owl flew above us carrying a small rodent. How surprised we were by the sudden messenger. We all sensed that we'd arrived at that point by design so we wondered what secrets the owl carried in her dusty wings.
Well, the laundry has been washed, hung, dried and folded away for another week. It always feels good to put that task behind me again.
I moved a pile of scrap lumber so I wouldn't have to look at it when I am seated in the patio. I was going to work in the garden but my right wrist is still tender and not improved by carrying wood.
Still I should do something toward making my next move. Perhaps I'll find a box and pack some stuff I'm not planning to use for awhile. Then I'll feel that I am headed in the right direction as opposed to no direction but sitting in the shade watching the birds dine at the feeders.


  1. Sitting in the shade watching the birds dine at the feeders sounds like quite a good call to me!Good luck with all. Call if I can help in any way on a weekend.

  2. I will remeber that you are available on weekends. thanks.