Sunday, April 25, 2010


April 23. I wear an old pocket watch around my neck so I don't forget to meet the bus on time. It's a wind-up tick-tock clock. One day when Cedar got off the buds and hurried into my embrace she looked up at me and said, "Grandma, I can hear your heart." I pulled out the watch and showed it to her. She pressed it to her ear, closed her eyes and smiled to herself.

April 24. Today Cedar and I went to see "How to Train Your Dragon". Then we all left for a goat farm located between Hibbing and Virginia. We picked up a boy and a girl.
It rained lightly most of the day and into the night.
Cedar continues to practice her good manners. I'd like to believe that the two older kids would follow her example but for them rudeness is the rule.
I continue to dismantle my home in the Redd Shedd.
I've given my haircut and style a name now. I call it the Judy Dench.

April 25. Well, we got a good soaking. It should reduce the fire danger and give the fire fighters a rest.
I think the juncos have departed and seeking a more northerly habitat. The chickadees are not planning to leave. On my walk to the bus stop I watched a chickadee working to enlarge a cavity in a dead tree. She'd enter the hole and emerge, fly to another tree and dump a load of wood chips she carried in her beak. She did this repeatedly as I watched.
Annie is building a playground for the goats. I suggested a mountain made from old tires filled with sand. They love to climb and jump.
The seven noble hens that helped provide our eggs for two years+ will now be allowed to live out their remaining days retired from egg production.
Annie and Wallis are making skin medicine and I am making pea soup with ham and veggies. We shall be healthy within and without.


  1. I need to know how to train a dragon. Any tips? Somehow teenagers need a pass on manners when with the family. How are they with the general public? Maybe the Redd Shedd is now the Tea Room, or does it have another new name?

  2. Annie and I have talked about using the Redd Shedd for a classroom and cannery. But Justice wants to move in to it. He is such a slob. If he moves in he will keep it in a state of filth. To train a dragon you must see the movie.