Monday, April 12, 2010


April 11. Today I must honor a publisher's deadline so I will have to put the printer and laptop together again. But first I must feed the birds. Then I must feed the dogs. Perhaps I should find food for myself as well.
Cedar and I have put two chairs in the morning sun spot and there I had a cup of coffee while she decided to dig up the dead sumac near the front door. We fixed up the drift wood garden and two small black spiders were quick to offer an appraisal. We also moved the walk way closer to the driftwood display. I began moving black dirt into the area and hope to get some grass to grow around the door. We have that fine sand and carry it into the house on our shoes. So I am always sweeping and shaking rugs. I need more time for fun stuff.
Cedar and I went to see "Alice in Wonderland" yesterday. We found it truly wonderful. It was quite well done and Johnny Depp is terrific as the Mad Hatter. Then we lunched at Arby's with Justice and Geezis. When we got home Cedar and I resumed yard work. Then she went to the hen house and returned with 3 eggs which I scrambled for supper.
I just found out that my old friend and Oak Point neighbor Angie Ross died March 14. I didn't know she was 10 years my senior as she was always so quick, energetic and fun loving. Some of our funny stories were repeated and returned to us as reports of true events. Some of the rumors were shocking and we wondered how a harmless bit of fabrication could weave itself into lies and scandal! She always made me laugh. She and George were married for 60 years. How empty his days must be without her.

April 12. Today would have been my mother's 81st birthday. My son Steve is celebrating another incarcerated birthday. He has often been in prison or treatment during holidays and other important family gatherings. I always wish he would be with us as a physical presence and not just as someone we remember as being absent. Does he feel the loss? Are his memories incomplete? Happy birthday, Mom. Happy birthday, Steve.

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