Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's nearly 5AM as I enjoy my first cup of coffee. I make it one cup at a time so I have to consider the second cup before I prepare it. But the first cup is so good! Or is it? Have I been brainwashed by 60 years of commercials? No, I really enjoy coffee! That's what I think... I think and that's why I drink... I think.
I've been working too hard and have stressed my right wrist. Even the act of writing is painful today.
As you may know... it happened in the long ago that our brothers and sisters of the walleye nation met in council to decide how to assure the survival of their people. It seems that two-leggeds were so hungry in the spring that many-many-many walleye were being speared for food. The walleye leaders acknowledged the reality of hunger and that two-leggeds suffered more than finned swimmers during the long cold winter. "It's certain that the pitiful two-leggeds rely on us for their health and strength," a large female declared. "However, we must also be well and strong. Since it is the female who assures our survival as a nation, we must be protected." At last the finned ones reached agreement on these important matters. It was decided that when the ice melted the females would go to the deepest parts of the lake and the males would remain near the surface. So it is that spearers take more males than females.
From an old journal, T-day 2001. John and I met Kevin, Esther and Saige at The Backyard in Bemidji for dinner. On our way back home we all stopped at Wallis' in Cass Lake for pie. Brandon and Chey had helped her cook that day. Terry and Gina were there, too. Brandon told me that he really loved my baked pork chops and creamed corn casserole. That boy sure knows how to bless my bones.
Notes written to myself, Nov. 12, 2007. "Since I lost my grip to creeping arthritis I can't even hold a grudge." "Flattery is like cotton candy in July. Sweet and fluffy and full of hot air."
Someone has written, "By making good choices we can live without destroying life." It sounds like something from the pen of Wendell Berry.

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