Friday, April 30, 2010


April 29. I watched for the moon to peek out of the dark clouds and so she did. I sent moon messages to everyone and settled in for a good snore. It began to rain as I lay dreaming. When I got up I opened the book "Never Cry Wolf" and enjoyed many deep belly laughs at Mowat's cutting humor. At last the rain paused so I quickly went out for a wagon load of dry wood. I stacked it in the wood rack and returned my old Radio Flyer to the shaded patio. As I returned to the Redd Shedd the rain began splashing around me. I laid a fire in the faithful old stove but will wait for Cedar to light it when she comes home from school tired and well-dampened by the persistent friendly rain. It is a gift from the sky and how the earth celebrates after such a long dry period. I watered the rhubarb yesterday as I saw it suffocating in the dry soil. This green sister has produced much fruit for us and I could not deny her a thirst quenching bath.
Then it was that Cedar came to get me to assist in the rescue of a great hairy bee that had fallen into her blue summer pool. I picked it up with a piece of birch bark and laid it on a lilac branch. While I saved the rhubarb from the smothering dust, Cedar returned with progress reports on the recovery of the bee. I'd told her when the bee was dry he'd fly away and so he did. We talked about how he'd explain his long absence. Cedar began by saying, "Every hive must have a queen..."
Since I'd loaned my only umbrella to Cedar so she could get to the bus without a soaking I would have to step briskly to avoid a drenching. Wallis will be expecting me and I must return some paperwork to human services. I don't have a brisk step left in me so I must weave my way between the rain drops. Or I shall resort to a rainproof poncho. But I do love the sound of rain a drum-tight umbrella.

April 30. Alexander Solzhenitsyn has written, "The task of the artist is to sense more keenly than others the harmony of the world, the beauty and the outrage of what man has done to it, and poignantly to let people know. In failure as well as in the lower depths - poverty, in prison, in illness - the consciousness of a stable harmony will never leave him."
Cedar has expressed herself in an artistic endeavor. I bought a pink king sized pillow case for 5 cents. Then I spread it on my floor, opened my paints and put a brush in her hand. She has spent a happy hour covering it with butterflies, flowers and valentines. Now it dries on the wood rack.
Today Cedar and I went to visit Wallis and Marcelus. I took a bowl of raspberries, cake and whipped cream. The children watched "ET" and I served raspberry shortcake.
It's raining again so Cedar has abandoned her bike somewhere and created a den from the 2 umbrellas. I peeled and sectioned an orange for her and her 2 cubs. Yes, she has become a mother bear.
Marcelus is coming about 7PM to help feed the goats. The female is still taking a bottle so she needs the children to hold it for her. Marcelus will be thrilled!
I purchased a wonderful book for 69 cents. I found it at the Salvation Army where I went to apply for a small dining table, 2 chairs, and a twin bed. It's entitled "Gorilla Struggle for Survival in the Virungas". There are many photos for Cedar to enjoy until she is able to read the text.
Today I got a small cozy chair at the rummage. Small is good for a small flat. Cedar and I will paint the wood frame and I will re-cover the back and seat. She thinks pink. I think blue. What will a compromise look like? P+B=Violet.

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